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Reaching 254 Billion, Convection Exports Shift Jepara Furniture Industry, Here's the Explanation...

Foto, salah satu industri konveksi di Jepara yang mengekspor barang keluar negeri
one of the convection industries in Jepara that exports goods abroad – Jepara, convection products, especially footwear, dominate Jepara's export commodities. Until last May, this commodity recorded an export value of IDR 254 billion. After that, it was followed by furniture commodities in second place with an export value of IDR 201 billion.

Head of the Jepara Regency Industry and Trade Service (Disperindag), Eriza Rudi Yulianto, through the Export Import Sub-Correction, Edi Widodo, explained that there are several factors why convection products dominate Jepara's export commodities.

“For this product, it is a foreign investment. "The market is certain," said Edi Widodo, Friday (28/7/2023).

Even though there are products that have not been sold, they are still sent outside because there is already a warehouse outside. Different from commodity furniture. Exporters must first find buyers. In Jepara Regency itself, there are several superior commodities for export which include furniture, handicrafts, textiles, marine products and others.

Until last May, the overall export value in Jepara was recorded at USD 236 million. Export destination countries are 95. Meanwhile the number of exporters is 317.

He continued, "Export activities this year are still considered heavy. "The reason is, exporters are faced with several obstacles," explained Edi Widodo.

Covering the Russian-Ukrainian war, to foreign inflation. Even so, Edi is optimistic that the export value in Jepara can exceed last year's export value. At that time, the value reached USD 553 million.***

Source: RK.

Editor - Reporter: Vico Rahman

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