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Advantages of the MASPELL Brand Wood Vacuum Drier

wood vacuum dryer maspell

The principle of vacuum kiln drying, basically, is to put the wood in a closed container and dry it at less than atmospheric pressure. The advantages of vacuum drying are shorter kiln drying cycles, better kiln drying quality, more energy saving and also environmentally friendly.

(1) Shorter Drying Cycles — The key to shorter drying cycles or faster drying times is to increase the speed at which water moves from the center of the wood toward the surface. Among the many factors that influence this speed, resistance from the surrounding air is the largest. With vacuum technology, as the wood is being heated, the moisture within the wood is drawn out through the vacuum system at the same time. As the amount of air is reduced and the resistance of the surrounding air is reduced at the same time, moisture is drawn out to form the wood at an increased rate, thereby speeding up the kiln drying process.

(2) Better Kiln-Drying Quality — In a vacuum environment, water vapor evaporates at a much lower temperature. Therefore, wood can be dried at lower temperatures than conventional kilns, thereby reducing the possibility of defects resulting from high temperature drying, such as internal checks, cracks, etc.

In addition, because the pressure inside a room is always lower than atmospheric pressure, there is less air in the environment, which also means less oxygen; and with little oxygen, no small amount of change causes discoloration of the wood. Furthermore, as a result of the vacuum environment, the moisture within the wood moves at a much faster rate to the surface. As a result, there is also a lesser chance of case hardening developing on the surface of the wood as well.

(3) More Energy Efficient — When compared to conventional kilns, vacuum drying with this Maspell wood vacuum drier can reduce drying cycles by 3 to 5 times — This is especially noticeable among thicker and more difficult to dry species. Additionally, due to the vacuum environment, water vapor evaporates at a much lower temperature. In other words, less energy is required. Vacuum drying, therefore, is more energy efficient.

(4) Environmentally Friendly — Vacuum drying requires space to be tightly packed and all dirt resulting from the drying process can be contained and collected more easily. As a result, vacuum drying is also more environmentally friendly.

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wood vacuum dryer maspell
wood vacuum dryer maspell

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