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2023 Annual General Meeting of The WFC and World Furniture Industrial Clusters Conference

HIMKI attend to World Furniture Industrial Clusters Conference 2023

Dongguan, China – World Furniture Clusters (WFC) is a global, non-profit, industry organization supported by members from more than 70 countries and regions around the world. The aim is to promote global cooperation in the furniture industry and bring opportunities, knowledge and networks to stakeholders around the world.

At this critical stage of world economic recovery, all sectors of international society need to strengthen cooperation and seek innovative growth paths, for a new era of development.

On August 17 2023, the Annual General Meeting of the World Furniture Confederation & World Furniture Industry Cluster Conference 2023 was held in Dongguan City, China (World Furniture Clusters Conference 2023). Delegates from governments, associations and companies around the world will be invited to blueprint a world-class furniture industrial cluster. This cluster will play a demonstrative role internationally. From HIMKI were present the Chair of the HIMKI Presidium Abdul Sobur and Marthunus Fahrizal, Chair of the HIMKI Organizational Division.

Meanwhile, the conference will include the Global Business and Trade Forum, Global Branding and Design Innovation Summit, and Global Furniture Cross-border E-commerce Summit. This side event will create opportunities for stakeholders from each country to work together in the industrial zone. SB/MSJ

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